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One hour consultations can be used for feedback for yoga philosophy education programs, for exploring personal matters in light of philosophies of meditation ~~~ and for personal coaching. This is a great add on for students who wish to pursue questions of yogic success after the completion of intensive courses. Yoga students with particular questions may also use this to explore matters not addressed in conventional yoga philosophy training. Dr. Ranganathan is scholar of South Asia, a professional philosopher, member of the Department of Philosophy at York University in Toronto, and the York Center for Asian Research. He is translator and commentator of Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra (Penguin 2008), editor of the The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Ethics, author of Hinduism: A Contemporary Philosophical Investigation (Routledge 2019), author of over 50 peer reviewed, yoga related articles, and experienced teacher of students of various degrees of exposure to philosophy and yoga. Shyam holds an MA in South Asian Studies, an MA and PhD in philosophy, and is a CYA-E-RYTGOLD (over 1000 hours training). Yoga Philosophy is a registered yoga school (CYA-RYSGOLD)

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