Join Now for Ongoing Yoga Philosophy Support (20 CE Hours, priced at less than $10 an hour. Self Help Based On Time Tested, Ancient Philosophy!) This eight week, 20 hour engagement with Dr. Ranganathan is priced at less than the cost of a 1 hour of personal consultation. Participants also have the advantage of the 4 bonus hours of material in this course! Core Requirement for Level 1 Certification.

Join this self-directed course, which consists in a combination of video lectures and presentations that you may watch at your leisure, and weekly Zoom virtual tutorials that you may join (or send questions to in advance) to have your questions answered by Dr. Ranganathan. Recordings of the meetings are posted for those who couldn't make it (with their questions answered if sent in advance).This course is designed to keep you company as you apply insights from the Yoga Sūtra to your mental well-being. This course is not a substitute for medical treatment for mental illness, nor a substitute for psychotherapy. It is however a source of ancient, Yoga Philosophy self-help resources for mental health.

Subscribers in this course receive in-depth teachings of Yoga Philosophy as it relates to mental health and well-being, and addresses the specific challenges of living in Isolation, AND, regular live support and discussion opportunities to explore the teachings. This course is suitable as the basis for yoga philosophy instruction and tutoring for teacher trainees. Among many sources to draw from, this course will focus on Books 1 and 4 of the Yoga Sūtra. Book 1 sets out the elements of mental well being and remedies for problems. Book 4 shows us what mental health is. Join anytime and dive into the ancient wisdom of Yoga: that allows us to be alone and healthily engaged with others. Dr. Shyam Ranganathan is a scholar of South Asia, translation expert, and professional philosopher. He is a member of the Department of Philosophy at York University in Toronto, and the York Center for Asian Research. He is translator and commentator of Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra (Penguin 2008), editor of The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Indian Ethics, author of Hinduism: A Contemporary Philosophical Investigation (Routledge 2019), and over 50 peer-reviewed, yoga related articles. Shyam is an experienced teacher of students of various degrees of exposure to philosophy and yoga. Shyam holds an MA in South Asian Studies, an MA and PhD in philosophy, and is a CYA-E-RYTGOLD yoga teacher (over 1000 hours training) and a E-RYT500. Yoga Philosophy is a registered yoga school (CYA-RYSGOLD) and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). Course renews every two months. Stay as long as you wish. Cancel anytime.

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    1. History of Yoga 1: Early Period --- The Gods, Sāṅkhya

    2. History of Yoga 1: Early Period --- The Gods, Sāṅkhya

    3. History of Yoga 2: Buddhism

    4. History of Yoga 2 ---Buddhism

    5. History of Yoga 3: Yoga!

    6. History of Yoga 3: Yoga!

    7. History of Yoga: Mental Health

    8. History of Yoga: Mental Health

    1. Consequentialism and Anxiety

    2. Consequentialism and Anxiety

    3. Consequentialism and Anxiety

    1. Rejecting Yoga Sūtra 1.2 and Psychosis

    2. 2 Rejecting Yoga Sūtra I.2 and Psychosis

    3. 2 Rejecting Yoga Sūtra I.2 and Psychosis

    1. Disturbance and our mental lives

    2. The Vṛttis

    3. The Vṛttis

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